• Abbie
    Abbie loves to play with her 2 Dachshund mix sisters, take long walks with her Dad, and play with her squeaky toys. Abbie is gentle and loving and is happiest when she brings smiles to everyone she meets.
  • Addie
  • Alice
    Alice is a third generation Therapet. She was shy as a puppy, but competing in dog sports with lots of people and dogs has brought her out of her shell. She still occasionally enjoys a dog show, but really likes to volunteer.
  • Apollo
    Apollo is a husky mix that was found abandoned at East TX SPCA. He had broken both his front legs. After recovering, we learned that this sweet boy loves to snuggle with everyone. Apollo absolutely loves to go on long walks with his doggy housemates.
  • Astro
    Astro was picked up cruising the mean streets of downtown Fort Worth and adopted through a Boxer rescue. After a few years of training, he was ready to be a therapy dog! When he's not volunteering with Therapet, his hobbies include going on hikes, playing with his squeaky toys, and barking at the neighborhood cows. Astro lives with one dog friend and two cats.
  • Baxter
    Baxter loves to make people smile. He has never met a stranger. His main goal in life is to make his mom and dad laugh and give them kisses. He is excited about his new Therapet career and looks forward to all the opportunities to make new friends.
  • Baxter
    Baxter loves being petted, going for car rides, and making new friends - both human and canine! He was rescued from the streets and immediately showed his sweet, gentle nature. He brings lots of smiles during his Therapet visits!
  • Beau
    Beau is a big boy with 80 pounds of love and kisses to share. He has 4 fur siblings at home that he loves to run and play with. When he is not volunteering he likes to chill out in his very own Lazy Boy recliner. He loves to slowly climb up in your lap to be held and rocked. One of his hobbies is to surf the kitchen counter for goodies.
  • Beau
    I was rescued when I was about 9 months old. When I was rescued, I had never been in a house or a car. Did I have a lot to learn! Least of which was that TV remotes were not dog treats. I am so fortunate my owners brought me to Therapet. My motto: If I see someone without a smile...I'll give 'um one.
  • Beca
    Hi, I'm Beca, a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. I run very fast, and in Portugal, we hunt rabbits for the farmers. Here in Texas, I chase balls instead. I also love to swim when the weather is warm. Although I'll eat just about anything, my favorite foods are string cheese and honey nut cheerios.
  • Boonie
    Bonnie is a rescue dog who was found in the middle of the street with her brother, Clyde. Bonnie is a very sweet and lovable girl. Bonnie wants to be so close to you that she thinks she is a Chihuahua and will crawl into your lap. Bonnie loves to play in the pool and her best friend is Clyde. As a special treat she loves goldfish crackers.
  • Boone
    Boone was born to be a Therapet! He is a rescue that has a zest for life that is contagious. He likes to chew ice and will bow at the refrigerator until he gets a piece. His work as a Therapet is his JOY!
  • Brittany
    Brittany was rescued when she was approximately 6 months old on 1/1/05. She loves working as the demo dog for Therapet Skills Classes. Brittany easily works with several different volunteers/handlers. She loves making people smile by dressing up when she volunteers.
  • Buck
    Buck is a rescue who now lives on a farm where he enjoys playing with the goats, cats, and other dogs. He loves to ride and doesn't understand why he can't hop up on the tractor and lawn mower. His hobbies include checking cows on the ATV, eating inappropriate things, and consequently, frequent visits with the vet.
  • Buddy
    Buddy is quite a foxy little gentleman. He had a rough start in life, but once he found his forever home he got to learn how to become a Therapet. Buddy gets so excited when he sees the collar, leash and cape come out because he knows he gets to work making people smile and feel better. Buddy has a younger, big sis named Maizy and the two of them like to run like the wind in the backyard before coming in to curl up for a long nap. His favorite place to sleep is curled up under the covers between his mom and dad.
  • Bugsy
    Bugsy is a Golden Gangster who begs to be petted behind his ears. But once you do, he will steal your heart! This wise guy gambler is so handsome it should be a crime. In his spare time, you can find him lounging by the swimming pool with his best friend, Elvis!
  • Buster
    Buster is an energetic, fun-loving Golden Doodle who is always ready to hop in the car and go serve as a Therapet. Besides getting to meet people and bring them lots of health, hope, and healing, Buster's favorite things include going in the car with his mom, squeak toys, and running in the pasture wit his brothers and sisters at home. You might also see Buster around town with stylish grooming and colorful ears as a spokesmodel for his groomer.
  • Cameron
    My birthday is September 9, which makes me a Virgo. I'm curious and I love to help people, especially when they want to have fun. I'm also very sweet and lovable. My favorite thing is to bring a stick into the house, chew it up into a big mess and then sit back and watch my family clean it up! To me, life is meant to be enjoyed, with walks, lots of treats, and spending time with people. My mission in life is to make everyone I meet smile.
  • Chase
    Chase is a little charmer with an outgoing personality and loved to retrieve in his younger years. He senses when someone needs comforting and snuggles up to them until they feel better. Chase has brought joy to countless people during his years as a Therapet.
  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne loves being a therapy dog, spreading her own special brand of fuzzy love and tail wagging joy to all that need her help. My day is well spent if I can plant hop, make a burden lighter or chase a tear away.
  • Christopher
    Christopher is the newest member of the therapy cats. He is a Manx who has no tail or even a nubbins of one. He is dressed in a striped red coat with patches of white fur. Christopher loves to be petted and will search out a hand for both tickles and rubs.
  • Cole
    Cole weighs 7 lbs but has a big dog attitude. He's a fun-loving and happy boy that loves everyone he meets. Cole enjoys playing with his 3 Australian Shepherd siblings.
  • Concho
    Concho was rescued in 2008 as a hungry stray, wandering the county roads of East Texas. He has a sweet, gentle spirit and loves working as a Therapet. He seems to sense that he is helping. Concho loves people--especially children. He would love to be a lap dog, but at 80 pounds, he is too big! Concho enjoys walks, chasing squirrels and his favorite time of the day is meal time!
  • Cookie
    This happy, tail-wagging little girl brings a gentle spirit, a big heart, and a heap of love to all her friends at the hospital, rehabilitation facility, children's therapy, and prison.
  • Cooper
    My life is an awesome adventure! The best things are meeting people, running agility, and getting petted. I had to work very hard for 4 years to become a Therapet. Some say I was too enthusiastic, but I finally made it. I love being a Therapet!
  • Cuddles
    Cuddles loves to snuggle under the blankets with her family (that is how she got her name). She also enjoys her time as a Therapet and all the attention she receives from people.
  • Daisy
    Daisy was headed toward a busy highway in Tyler when we found her. We soon discovered that she was carrying nine puppies in her belly! After raising her babies and finding their forever homes, she started her training to work as a therapy dog. She lives with her furry family: Sasha, Smokey, and one of her own babies, Gypsy.
  • Daisy Duke
    Daisy Duke
    Daisy Duke is a beautiful, smart & loyal golden girl. She loves taking long walks, retrieving he rball, & having play dates with her furr-ever friends. Daisy Duke also likes to swim & take boat rides on the lake. She will bring a smile to your face & steal your heart the moment you meet her.
  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae is a very prissy black with white Domestic Shorthair. Daisy is the only girl in the feline crew of the therapy cats. She is the little princess who loves to be told how pretty she is. During visitation, Daisy adores strolling around in her carriage. In the rehab hospital, she looks forward to being pushed in a wheelchair by a patient.
  • Dixie
    Dixie is an 8 year old Boxer Mix. She loves to make new friends and help other by being a Therapy dog. She like to go on camping trips, visit the neighbors and their dogs, play ball and run through mud puddles. To see what I am up to, follow my friends and I on Facebook by liking Therapet!
  • Dottie
  • Duke
    Duke thrives in the attention, love, and affection of everyone he is with. He is an exceptional athlete and loves to retrieve but excels at catching Frisbees mid-air. He has a sister, Lady, who he loves to cuddle and romp with. When they're together, it's hard to tell where one starts and the other stops.
  • Duke
    Duke is a happy pup who loves people. He's been a Therapet since early 2015. When he's not visiting with Therapet, Duke likes to compete in agility competitions and play in the woods at home with his brothers. He especially loves to retrieve tennis balls out of his pond and go for long rides in the canoe at Lake Striker.
  • Eddy Girl
    Eddy Girl
  • Elly
    Elly is a happy Golden Retriever who is super friendly & loves everyone she meets. Her favorite activity is playing fetch. She is a lovely & sweet spirited girl.
  • Elvis
  • Foster
  • George
  • Gracie
    Gracie has a zest for life and a tail to go with it; she is ready for everyday for fun and adventure, despite having dwarfism and the challenges that it brings. She enjoys playing outside with her ball and loves being a part of the R.E.A.D. Program too.
  • Heath
    Heath came to Texas at the age of 3 months from Pennsylvania. He loves to shake hands with people. This is something that he was not taught but does naturally.
  • Henry
    Henry is a sweet, fun-loving hound. He is laid-back and loves everyone. He cheerfully greets guests with his favorite toys...only to show them off. When he's not volunteering he spends his time with his sister, Annie. Together they chase squirrels and rabbits and explore new territory. They are always curious and tend to follow their noses which normally get them into mischief. At the end of the day Henry enjoys snuggling under a warm, cozy blanket.
  • Huck
    Huck loves helping people by being a Therapet therapy dog. He became a Therapet at one year old. Huck will brighten your day with his smile and one blue eye! Huck's passion is to roll in the grass, which has earned him the nickname Sir Rolls A Lot. In his spare time, he loves to play with his stuffed toys, swim in the pool, and run in the woods.
  • Jack
  • Jack Nicklaus
    Jack Nicklaus
    Nicky is a gray with white Domestic Shorthair. He is names after a famous golfer since he was found on a golf course. He was rescued from the bitter cold on a winter night when he was a young kitten. He is playful and serious at the same time. Nicky is part of the feline crew of therapy cats.
  • Jake
    Jake gets so excited to volunteer as a Therapet that he's been known to do the kidney bean dance. When he's not volunteering, he loves to ride in Dad's jeep with the top down and enjoys boat rides on the lake. He is also very athletic and loves spending hours in the backyard catching frisbees.
  • Jessy
    Jessy is one lucky dog! He found his forever home after he was found as a puppy wandering in a field with some other puppies. He immediately began showing his gratitude for being rescued by doing anything he was asked to do. He is very easy going and loves everyone (but especially his "mom"). He loves squeaky toys and makes it his mission to remove the squeakers before he plays with the toys. He also loves bananas.
  • Joe
    Joe has been a Therapet for several years. He was rescued from the Marshall Animal Shelter. Joe is a sweet gentle boy and loves attention especially children. He loves going on walks with his human Mom.
  • June Bug
    June Bug
    June Bug loves people. She knew that she wanted to pursue a career in being a Therapet from the moment she found out about it. She loves that as a Therapet, she gets to help people feel happy! The hours are perfect for her schedule and the salary really cannot be beat (hugs and attention from everyone she meets)! In her free time, June Bug enjoys eating, playing with her squeaky toys and...eating. Rub her belly and she will be your best friend for life!
  • Kirby
    Kirby is a Labradoodle. His mom is a Labrador Retriever, and his dad is a standard Poodle. We drive all the way to Wisconsin to get him when he was 8 weeks old! His favorite thing to do at home is watch squirrels, catch his toy chicken mid-air, and nap with his stuffed animals. Kirby loves being a Therapet, and making people smile!
  • Klondike
    Klondike is named for an ice cream bar. Because he is so small he will always look like a puppy. He cannot get close enough to you and he loves to snuggle but he does not like to retrieve. His best friend is a Basset Hound who taught him how to howl.
  • Lambeau
    Lambeau was born in Wisconsin so he is definitely a Cheese Head. And of course with his name he is a huge Green Bay Packers Fan. He loves to retrieve sticks and toys, but his favorite toy is his big round orange bouncy ball! He also loves to swim and keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder. He worked hard in obedience to become a Therapet in 2017!
  • Madelyn
    My name is Madelyn and I am the newest and noisiest Therapet in my family. I am very enthusiastic and love people. I am just getting started in obedience, but I think it might be fun. I already enjoy volunteering and making people smile.
  • Magie
    Maggie is a 100 pound lap dog with a great smile. She loves her new little brother, Baxter and plays chase with him in the house. One of her favorite pastimes is sitting on the front porch with her mom and dad while they drink coffee. She is excited to be a Therapet.
  • Marley
    Hi, my name is Jacob Marley. I was born in December 2009. Give me a ball or squeaky toy and I am happy; add water to swim in and I am in doggy heaven. My special talent is my ability to vertically jump 4 feet. I love to cuddle and I really love meeting new people and that makes Therapet great for me.
  • Mia
    Petite Mia's most important job is being cute! She loves new adventures and hanging out with her big brother, Ruff, a 125 pound French sheep dog.
  • Miss Texana
    Miss Texana
    Texana is a one in a million therapy dog. At only 6 months old, she began intuitively sensing when someone needed comforting, and would snuggle up to them for as long as they needed her. Texana is a princess who loves to dress up and have her picture taken.
  • Patti
    I am one lucky dog! I found my forever home after being a foster pup. My foster mom fell in love with me and couldn't give me up! I love to chew on Greenies and Kong toys, and love playing with my sister Addie. I have a cute toothy smile too...just ask my mom. I love everyone, but especially my mom.
  • Pearl
    Pearl enjoys life despite the fact that she only has sight in one eye and a lip deformity. She has fun in agility and barn hunt, but can be persuaded to do other dog sports if treats are involved - especially string cheese. Pearl is glad to join her sisters as a Therapet, the eighth in our family. She is not a huge fan of the costumes that she is sometimes required to wear, but she really enjoys meeting all the people and hopefully sharing a little joy with them as well.
  • Penelope
    Penelope, AKA The Little Pony, loves to dress up in purple and pink. The red laser pointer, affectionately known as "R.D." or the red dot, is her favorite toy to play with! She loves to chase it all day long. People always comment on her beautiful, soulful eyes. She has a little brother, Riley the dachshund, who is also a Therapet. Penelope is a gentle giant, and putting smiles on faces is what she loves most about being a Therapet.
  • Phoebe
  • Ranger
    Ranger is a multi-generation Australian Labradoodle which is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Labradoodles are very allergy friendly! People love Ranger for his sweet and friendly nature. He loves to eat lots of table scraps, ride in the car with his owner and hang out on the lake.
  • Riley
    Riley, AKA 'Shorty', loves to retrieve. He can dash and get any toy you throw out for him and bring it back in a flash! He loves playing in his pool in the summer and likes to go camping. Riley became a Therapet the day he turned 4 years old.
  • Ripple
    This beautiful golden girl brings her kind her heart and loving spirit to those in need. She volunteers at the hospital, rehabilitation facility, children's therapy and the prison.
  • Rocky
    My name is Rocky, but my people call me Rock Star because I am a Rock Star Boxer who loves making people smile. I was rescued from the streets in 2009 and my people knew I was perfect for being a Therapet, so we worked hard to earn my blue vest! When I'm not being a Rock Star Therapet, I love playing with my fur friends, fishing on the pier at my pond, going on rides to visit friends and Whataburger - oh yum!!
  • Ruff
    What is it? Can it see? These are among the questions people usually ask when they meet Ruff, the Briard. This 125 pound traditional French sheepdog believes it's his responsibility to take care of everyone whether adults, children, pets....or sheep!
  • Sadie
    Sadie is a German Shepherd Dog who was rescued off the highway in Dallas at three months of age. She was very sick that first year of life, but now she is healthy and happy. She has been a Therapet since she was two years old, and has an innate ability to understand and comfort those in need. She has multiple AKC titles, including two for her therapy work.
  • Sassy
    Sassy is truly a princess. Queen of the yard; has to be the first out the door. Her favorite things are squirrel & bird hunting, exterminating bugs, and warm fuzzy blankets. She is a sweet girl who loves snuggling and bringing comfort where needed.
  • Scotia
    Scotia is a huge baby who likes to snuggle and be loved on. For a big dog, she acts like a Miss Priss, crossing her legs when she lays down. She is the sweetest thing ever and loves attention.
  • Sophie
    Sophie is sweet, loving and has a gentle spirit. She loves to make people smile and enjoys making sick people feel better. With her outgoing personality, she will greet you with a handshake and a high five. If you ask, Sophie will pray with you.
  • Spanky
  • Sugar
    My name is Sugar and I am a Beagle. I normally have my nose to the ground sniffing everything...this is how I get to know you. In June 2017 I was adopted by my new family so I now live with two Beagles and two cats. I have been a Therapet since 2013, which makes my tail wag because I get lots of love and affection and get to see people smile. Some of my favorite things are snacks, squeaky toys, and chasing the cats around the house.
  • Swagger
    I was rescued as a small puppy and was soon adopted by my family, who think I am pretty awesome. I am very proud to be a Therapet, and it doesn't hurt that the cape makes me look quite handsome! I am very outgoing and I love to meet people. I usually enter the room with a big smile and a wagging tail. I am quite the snuggler and I love to rest my head on your shoulder. I may leave a little bit of hair behind, but I have plenty to share. Consider it a little gift from me!
  • Ted
    Ted is a very sweet and patient pup who loves to give kisses. Outside of his Therapet visits, Ted enjoys playing tug-of-war, hiking, camping, and running through the woods. Every evening, Ted stands watch at the front window and runs off any trespassing furry critters! Ted's favorite treat is his Kong toy filled with almond butter but he also looks forward to the occasional visit from the steak fairy, who mysteriously leaves surprises in his bowl.
  • Thomas
    Thomas is a Domestic Shorthair who has been in therapy service for fifteen years. This senior boy is the head-honcho of the feline crew of therapy cats. He is definitely the pro who takes his work seriously with his enticing, sleepy green eyes. In 2012, Thomas won The Therapy of The Year Award for his outstanding work.
  • Tilly
    Tilly is the lucky number 7 Therapet in our household and she enjoys carrying on the family legacy. Her favorite food is pasta, but cheese is a close second, especially when practicing her dog sports. Because of her unique hair design, her Indian name at birth was Licked by Cow.
  • Tripp
    Hi! My name is Tripp. I'm a Greyhound that was bred for racing, but I never made it to the track! Instead I got adopted by my mom and now I have a great job as a therapy dog! I am very happy boy and I love to snuggle with my mom and dad on the couch. I love to do zoomies around our yard and play. I have one secret...I'm scared of cats!!! Don't tell anyone though!!!
  • Twist
    Meet Happy Texas Twister. We call him Twist because of his fancy dance moves. He can shake and shimmy and Twist about. He became a Therapet because he loves to be around people helping out in any way he can. He has a big ole heart and a gentle soul. His favorite activity is chasing a ball of any kind...for hours on end. He lives with small children and a very rambunctious miniature Daussie, and he takes it all in stride with a smile on his face!
  • Watson
    Watson never meets a stranger. He can spot you 4 blocks away, walking his way and that beautiful white tail is waving to you. Come on...hurry up and pet me. It was very hard for Watson to learn to lay still on the hospital bed next to the patient. All he wants to do is cuddle up on a shoulder and give kisses. With lots of practice Watson passed the program and loves volunteering as a Therapet.
  • Wheeler
    I am a happy, hoppy boy wheeling and dealing out smiles everywhere I go. Don't let my small size fool you; my huge personality makes up for it! I was rescued from the side of the road in 2015. My people nursed me to health and taught me how to be a good boy. When I am not being a Therapet, I love taking long walks, playing with my fur friends and being chased.
  • Whiskey
    Whisky was adopted from the shelter in November 2005 when he was about 6 months old. His name comes from the color of his soulful eyes. Whiskey is AKC and UKC registered and has earned obedience and rally title from the AKC. He's working on UKC obedience and rally titles. He also has CPE agility titles. In 2012 he made his stage debut playing the part of Sandy in a local high school production of Annie. Whiskey was named the 2010 Visitation Dog of the Year. He shares his home with his human family and a doggie brother and sister.
  • William
    William is a Domestic Shorthair. His eyes are a beautiful shade of turquoise. This handsome boy is part of the feline crew of therapy cats. William is a total ham who, if given the chance, would drive a rehab patient's electric wheelchair across the room. He loves to roll on a therapy table, sometimes landing in a patient's lap.
  • Willow Bend
    Willow Bend
    Willow is a Siamese mix who is dressed in a formal, longhaired coat. His eyes are deep blue and they are very crossed. He is part of the feline crew of therapy cats. Willow loves to get kisses and can't resist giving them back.
  • Wrigley
  • Yager
    Yager is one of the first beagles to ever be a Therapet! A happy-go-lucky dog, Yager is known as "the tunnel king" at some of the schools he visits for his great trick of running through the play tunnels with the kids. At home, Yager is rather obsessed with chasing squirrels, although most of the time he is not successful. Yager has been a Therapet for two years.
  • Zoey
    Zoey is a very friendly and sweet dog. She loves everyone and loves to give them all kisses. Her favorite pastimes are chasing our other dog in circles around the yard and sleeping, of course. She loves to climb into laps; Zoey thinks she is a small lap dog.
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