“One of my favorite Therapet visits was a few years ago. We were on one of the ICU blocks and a nurse told us one patient had been there about a week and was unresponsive. We went into her room and she had several visitors. Tripp (a greyhound) put his head on the bed and we took the woman’s hand and placed it on his head. I started talking with one of the family members and wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening. It had been a couple minutes and one of the other visitors said ‘Oh my gosh!!! She’s moving her head!!’ The patient had moved her head to look at Tripp and had a tiny smile on her face. The nurses couldn’t believe it!
The patient acknowledged each of the other three Therapets who visited with her that day in some way. The doctor in the ICU said these animals were able to do in a few minutes what medical science hadn’t been able to do in a week. I still think about her and I’m so thankful to have been a part of that visit. It’s why we do what we do.” #therapetthursday #therapetaat #healingpaws #smallmiracles