Therapet volunteers and their specially trained pets go to facilities ranging from hospitals to prisons to schools and provide services ranging from assisting stroke patients with their occupational and physical therapy to helping trauma victims share their stories to helping children learn to read.

coleTherapet and Michael

Michael was recently admitted to the hospital for asthma and dehydration. He was feeling very ill and was nervous about his first hospital stay. His mother wrote, “Though the nursing staff was incredible, nothing could ease a nine year-old boy who was missing his home, Daddy, brothers, and his dog…And then Therapet surprised us with a visit.

“My son’s entire demeanor changed the instant the precious dogs arrived!  Michael smiled and welcomed each dog, hugging them and petting them as though they were his own. I can’t tell you how much you lifted my son’s little hurting spirit.

“We even shared a long laugh when Michael stated that Cole had better hair than me! He treasures the picture cards and even made a frame for them on his desk. His goal, he says, is to train his own dog to be a Therapet so he can serve others who need a little joy and comfort. Thank you for your service to our community, and to our family during our time of need.”

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